Genuine Texas Hill Country Grass-Fed Beef

Pure, Lean, Grass-Fed Beef From Texas

After raising and selling high-quality cattle for 10 years (even winning Top Seller countless times at the sale barn), Beaux and Kristen Cook began to see the real value in the cattle they were producing and decided to offer this superior product to the public. The idea was put to work and we are proud to introduce Cook Land and Cattle Company, providing the healthiest, purest, leanest beef available, produced right here in the Texas Hill Country.


Grass-fed beef is leaner than regular beef, contains extra omega-3s, has less calories than regular beef, is four times higher in vitamin E than regular beef, and contains cancer fighting conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).


The Market at Bridget’s Basket
1551 HWY 39 • HUNT, TEXAS

Come check out our grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free beef at The Market at Bridget’s Basket. Now you can enjoy our delicious beef and treat your family to a healthier beef than you can buy at the grocery. Right now The Market is the exclusive outlet for Cook Land & Cattle Company.

Cook Land and Cattle Company, LLC
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