Cook Land and Cattle cows and calves are strictly grass-fed. And by grass-fed, we mean native, untreated/unfertilized Texas Hill Country natural grass. Our product is also sustainable. Cook Land and Cattle is part of a supply chain that is socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable.

Antibiotics are not used on our cattle.  Seldom do our cattle fall ill, due to the natural, stress-free environment they live in. The need for antibiotics or intervention is rare. The fact that they do not spend any amount of time at the feedlots also is a contributor to their healthy state. If a cow or calf is in need of antibiotics, they are treated, separated, and will not be processed for Cook Land and Cattle, and that is a guarantee!

This is important to you, the consumer, because of  agricultural companies’ abuse of antibiotics. The effectiveness of these powerful drugs is being undermined every day we give them to animals. Without added and unnecessary antibiotics in our food, we can save the power of antibiotics for when they are really needed, and not have our systems weakened by overexposure.

Our product is also hormone-free. CL&C cows and calves are healthy, growing and thriving without added hormones, and we prefer that our cattle develop at a natural rate.

Hormone residues in food can increase risk for breast cancer and other reproductive system cancers among women and may promote development of prostate cancer in men. 

All of our cattle are born and  raised on the same local ranch, and processed locally in a low/no stress environment, the way cattle were meant to live. They thrive on a large, bountiful ranch in Central Texas, where they have an abundance of food, water, and shelter.  Our cattle are closely looked after, buy rarely handled.  Cook cattle are always treated humanely and compassionately, throughout their lives and up until their last second.

When it comes time for these animals to be slaughtered, they are frequently transported across great distances to the slaughterhouse, in dark, confined trailers. This leads to even more stress. As a result of both their everyday living conditions and the events, such as transport and sometimes inhumane stunning and slaughter methods, leading up to their deaths, many industrially-raised animals display heightened levels of stress hormones when they are killed.”


(; One More Reason to Avoid Factory-Farmed Meats, Sept. 20, 2018)

We know how badly stress can affect us, and also the havoc it can wreak on animals. If we are what we eat, it follows that we should not be eating the meat of poorly treated, anxiety-ridden animals, besides the obvious moral conundrum of supporting the organizations that mistreat their animals.

A calf or cow with a low/no stress life also produces a more flavorful, more nutritious, tender meat that is also lower in Cortisol and bad fats.

We choose not to sell to large markets and grocery stores because we feel that you want to and should know where your food comes from, and where it was raised. Agriculture has promoted quantity over quality for far too long. We believe the way we market and sell our beef is more personal.

From our family to yours – Bon Appetit!


Cook Land and Cattle Company, LLC
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